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Department of Islamic Law

Islamic law & Jurisprudence

Books Studied At Hijaz

Noor-ul-Idah - This is the most basic form of enunciation of Islamic Legal Principles. The fundamental pillars of Islam are covered.
Mukhtasar ul Quduri - Some of the more complex issues of Islamic Law are covered, which requires an in depth ability to be appraised of the complex principles.
Sharh ul Wiqayah - This level includes the analysis of the text and its arguments and be able to analyse the strength and weaknesses of each Imam.
Al Hidayah - This allows the student to formulate his own thoughts about propositions of law advanced and the student should be able to criticise them and then to apply the same to the issues of the modern Ummah and know the intricacies of Ijtihaad.

The Science of Islamic Law' (Usool-ul-Fiqh)

The student is taken through the basic parameters of Usool-ul-Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) and the intellectual is sharpened to the extent of being to distinguish good or bad formulation of legal argument. The main text books are Usool-ul-Shashi, Noor-ul-Anwar and Hussaini.