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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What age group do you take?

Students aged 18 years old and upwards.

Why should we study at Hijaz College?

At Hijaz College we have a 'family-type' atmosphere where students are trained to become upstanding good Muslim men. Combined with academic learning, the system is based upon 'Tarbiyyah' (character-building) and 'Taleem' (learning). The learning is in Islamic Sciences covers Fiqh, Hadith, Tafseer, (and their Usuls), Sarf, Nahv, Meerath, Quran and Science, Tasawuf, Aqeeda & Tarbiyyah.

What courses do you run?

Find out more about our courses

What time are classes held?

Times vary, but usually 5pm till 8.15pm, Monday to Friday.

What are your term times?

We generally follow the term times of local schools. Our School term is typically 36-38 weeks per year. Term runs from September till July with 2 week breaks in December/January and March/April for Winter and Spring respectively. Summer break is typically in July and August for 6-8 weeks. There are also half-terms for 1 week duration. Each term is typically 8-14 weeks in duration and there are 3 terms per year. Please visit fees, term dates and scholarships

What items are required by new students?

7 white jubbas, 5 topees, black shoes, trainers, Hijaz Green jumper (available from specialised suppliers, blanket/quilt, bed sheet, pillow, green tracksuit, toiletries, stationery, (pens/pencils etc), lever arch files.

What are the fees?

Please find out more by visiting the fees, term dates and scholarships. Whilst we provide books, meals and accommodation, all other provisions are expected to managed by the students.

Can we pay by installments?

Yes, payments can be made per term before it's commencement although all fees are to be collected in the first 6 months. For foreign students, all fees must be payable before an acceptance letter can be issued..

When can you go home?

Every weekend students may return home. All students are expected to return home during the holidays. For foreign students provision can be made to look after them during the long weekends and winter and spring breaks although a small charge will be made for this.

What happens if you becomes ill?

Arrangements can be made to visit a local Doctor or accident and emergency at George Elliot Hospital in Nuneaton (approximately 15 minute drive).

Where are clothes washed?

There is a laundry system provided for a small fee or students take their clothes for washing home at weekends.

Is smoking allowed?

Hijaz College maintains a strict no-smoking policy and no student will be accepted if they smoke.

Are students allowed to go to town?

Only with permission of the Housemaster and in groups where a senior student accompanies them. Parents also have to agree in advance. Most trips are made to the local Aldi store at weekends which is a 1 hour walk there and back.

Are there any discounts?

Our fees are as low as possible. If parents require professional teachers then we need to pay reasonable salaries, so sorry, no discounts except in very special, deserving cases. We survive totally on fees and donations and get no government assistance whatsoever. Hijaz College and Jamia Islamia are both registered charities and are non-profit making organisations.

Are there any refunds?

Our terms and conditions are very strict. We budget and spend in advance for students and hire staff accordingly, so regretfully no refunds can be given.

Howe many reports do we get every year?

We produce one report per year.

What if I have little or no Islamic knowledge?

There is no minimum level of Arabic or Islamic knowledge required at entry for secondary school students. Hijaz College teaches foundation in all of these subjects. However, come and see us and we can discuss.

Do you help with education VISAS?

Currently Hijaz College is not able to help in this regard.

Do you accept students joining mid-year?

Yes, although parents must understand that the studies of these students may be affected and they may have to repeat a year.

Do you offer support lessons?

We can offer limited support lessons although if the student is seriously behind in a subject, these may have to be charged for and discussions will be held with parents.

What can I do in my free time?

Football, badminton, weights, sports, homework, computer games.

What are your discipline procedures?

These vary depending upon the offence. Any serious behavioural issues, we may ask the student to leave.

Do you accept students with learning difficulties or Special Needs?

Unfortunately we have not the resources to accept children with these ailments. This includes children with hyperactivity unfortunately. However, if parents are willing to meet our full costs in looking after such children then we can consider this.

What are your beliefs?

We follow the group known as 'ahle-sunna wal jama'ah' and strictly follow the Holy Qur'an and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu Alaihi Wasalam). We believe him to be the final Messenger (Sallalahu Alaihi Wasalam) and have love and respect for his family and companions may Allah be pleased with them all.