Hijaz College

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Fees and Term Dates

Fees Structure

Fee Type UK Students Oversea Students
Tuition Fees £4,500.00 per academic year (£1,500 per term) £9300.00 per academic year
Admissions Fees (sent with the application form) £50 non-refundable (whether accepted or not)
Enrolment Fees (non-refundable) £250 one-off payment
Breakage Deposit £100 one-off payment, non-refundable
Annual Book Fees £75
Total For First Year Fees £4,975 £9,775
Total For Subsequent Years Fees £4,575 £9,375

The above fees are subject to reviews. Discounts are available in special cases after financial assessment.

Method of payment

All applicants must pay either by cash or cheque and either in the full amount at the start of the academic year or by special agreement in the form of post-dated cheque's in accordance with the dates and amounts below. NOTE: this is only applicable for those parents who demonstrate that they cannot afford to pay the full years fees in advance. ALL the overseas students must pay ALL the fees before the start of each academic year.

Dates of payments

Final Payment Date UK Students Overseas Students
30th August 2012 (Term 1) £1,500.00 + £75 Book fees £9,375.00 + £75 Book fees
3rd December 2012 (Term 2) £1,500.00 -
3rd March 2013 (Term 3) £1,500.00 -

Terms Dates for Academic Year 2012/13

Term / Holiday Dates Long Weekends
Autumn Term Thursday 30 Aug 2012 - Friday 21st December 2012  
Half Term Monday 22nd October 2012- Friday 26th October 2012 -
Spring Term Tuesday 8th Jan 2013 - Friday 22nd Mar 2013  
Half Term Mon 11th – Fri 15th Feb 2013 -
Summer Term Monday 8th Apr 2013 - Friday 12th July 2013  
Blessed Summit & Graduation Ceremony 5th - 7th July 2013 -


Hijaz College offers limited scholarships. Parents unable to meet the full cost of education and boarding are able to apply to the Education Trusts, which are independent of Hijaz. Details are available from the Registrar's Office.