Hijaz College

Pioneering a Greater Future

The Formation Of Hijaz College

It has been almost 25 years since the philosophy of Hijaz was formulated by its patron and founder His Eminence Shaykh Allama Mohammed Abdul Wahab Siddiqi (1942-94). The Jamia Islamia in Coventry was founded approximately 20 years ago, that produced dozens of graduates who became fully qualified Ulema (scholars of Islam) and then went on to qualify as professionals including doctors, lawyers and engineers with some of them being proficient in over 6 languages.

In 1994 this vision started to take a different shape in the form of Hijaz College Islamic University. Located in Nuneaton on 97,000 Square Feet of beautiful English countryside, Hijaz has as a result grown in many aspects one of them being its exciting Hijaz Community project.

Whilst the students of Jamia Islamia were solely educated in Islamic studies and encouraged to pursue secular studies after completing their studies, Hijaz is working on perfecting the formula for delivering simultaneous religious and modern secular thinking. Hijaz is re-designing the basis of Islamic education that was historically the strength of Muslims, which has now been lost to sub-standard or subservient forms of education and thinking.

The rapidity of its growth, the confidence in which it has developed, is creating hope that with its graduates being trained to the highest standards in religious and professional education, Hijaz will be at the forefront of producing generations of leaders ready to inspire and direct the Ummah into an Islamic renaissance.