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Exams at Hijaz

The Hijaz examination board is responsible for monitoring the standards of teaching and progress of students. It supervises and marks all the examinations undertaken at Hijaz. It approves the syllabus for courses taught at Hijaz and officiates the syllabus designed for other centres of learning worldwide.

The Hijaz Examination Board consists of prominent academics and external examiners ensuring the impartiality of every examination conducted by the Board.

The administration of the examination paper by the Tanzeem ul Madaris is also directly officiated by the Hijaz Examination Board. In April 1998 the Board awarded honourary Doctorate to Sayyad Mohammed Hussain Tabatabai who at the age of 6 was awarded doctorate of philosophy in the Science of the Retention of Qur'an. This is just one of the example of new areas of learning that academics at Hijaz are pursuing.

Religious examinations and end of year examinations are also conducted on site.