Hijaz College

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Hijaz Teaching System


Religious education is delivered in the evening at Hijaz College between 5:00-8:15pm.


Each new student is allocated to a personal tutor, who follows closely his academic progress and personal development

The role of Tutor is to help and support with all students with their studies; provide pastoral care, which means to assist the students in overcoming personal problems; and also to monitor their attendance and progress.

Hijazi Productions

Teaching is also supported by the Hijaz Studio located on site. This is an audio visual studio that is being used to produce supportive material to assist the learning process. Combined with educational DVD's, through seeing and hearing, subjects are made more easier and interesting especially in the tuition of History, Modern Arabic and Law. Hijaz is currently preparing a range of lectures and documentaries available for inspiring the students.

Personal Tuition

Lectures are available for students during the weekdays and those resident in the campus can make themselves available to any student by appointment at weekends. This allows additional attention to particular difficulties that can not be resolved by the students in tutorials.

Written Assessments

All students are required to submit regular assessments. This is considered essential to demonstrate a full understanding of a topic and provides excellent practice in examination techniques. All submitted work is marked to examination standard allowing constant monitoring of the student's progress.

End of Term Exams & Reports

All students are required to sit end of term exams, culminating in an end of year exams. Hijaz produces 1 report per year indicating performance (achievement, attendance and effort).