Hijaz College

Pioneering a Greater Future

International Students and Relations

Due to the wide network of contacts of the Muslim community with Hijaz, students have been recruited from England, Holland, Belgium, France, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, UAE, Pakistan, India, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Islands, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada, America, Trinidad, Surinam, Guyana and many other places.

In it's infancy, Hijaz had close ties with many of the leading British Universities and is currently negotiating accreditation of some of its courses from the same Universities. Hijaz is internationally acclaimed by the Tanzeem ul Madaris Pakistan and the University of Al Azhar in Cairo, Egypt. It is anticipated that such exchange and close ties will be established in other Universities in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Egypt and Pakistan. Hijaz has had close contractual relationship with some of the leading British Colleges in the United Kingdom.