Hijaz College

Pioneering a Greater Future

Outreach Projects

Hijaz College is a central hub for various Outreach Projects which benefit the wide community. We are working towards creating a society which assists in the personal progression of every individual. Below are some of the projects we are involved in:

Blessed LIFE

Blessed LIFE is devoted to helping children to appreciate the society in which they live in and more importantly, to recognise and understand their value in this world. The education emanates from basic Islamic principles and the children are encouraged to think about their morals, character, conduct and approach to life in a holistic way. The children are taught about their role within society and the positive contribution they can make.

Hijaz Community

Hijaz Community is a pioneering organisation, which has established many initiatives to work towards its goal of societal enrichment. Within this, individuals are developed through mentoring, and various voluntary projects, which cater for different people in the community, including professionals, housewives, neighbours, young people and the elderly.