Hijaz College

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Tarbiyya (Development)

Central to Hijaz College life is the spiritual, personal and academic development of every student. There are procedures in place to ensure character building, in order to teach our students distinguished characteristics and virtues, including patience, mercy and respect. Academic and spiritual mentoring are powerful mechanisms used to develop each student to bring out the maximum potential in every student.

Student mentoring established at Hijaz College is a powerful personal development and empowerment tool. It is an effective way of helping to progress the students (mentees) so they may focus and be disciplined in their studies, developing their skills, improve their performance and ultimately help them to become confident, hardworking individuals.

The education provided here is not only about the gaining of knowledge but about the personal development of an individual in its fullest sense. This means encouraging and challenging the very able to develop to their fullest degree, and supporting and enabling low achieving and average students to value themselves and even surprise themselves through what they are able to achieve.

Students carry out their homework and/or personal studies under supervision in the evening during the private study period, up to the time that is reasonable according to their course and age. Intellectual and physical exercise is supplemented by spiritual awareness. This takes the form of Mehfil-e-Zikr and Fikr once a week. Other subjects are also offered to ensure that full training is available including debating techniques, public oration, organisational and leadership skills, public relations, the role of the citizen, Adaab, Ikhlaqiat, media studies, writing skills, and political awareness.

If for some reason however the student, faces personal difficulty, our highly trained staff will attempt to correct and guide him in a friendly and suitable way. We also rely upon friends and elder students to monitor progress. The comprehensive time tabling controls and directs the student towards a positive solution of his problem. At Hijaz the students are given a regimented discipline in a homely environment. The students are offered confidential personal assistance by an independent listener, who ensures that students do not become closed personalities.

Extra support is available to those students who have come to Hijaz with weaknesses in some areas of learning. This is to ensure that all students in the class stay on par with each other. These students are given career advice and careful help is given in subject planning when choosing subjects at various levels of study, to ensure that students direct their minds towards the area of interest to themselves.

Parents have an option for paying for private medical health care with BUPA, one of the leading private health care providers of a comprehensive health package, at a modest and discounted price.

There is a systematic invitation to the leading dignitaries, thinkers, scholars and leaders of the Muslim world to share their views and visions with the students. There will also be an input into most of the courses taught at Hijaz by specialist academics, who further student’s insight by summarising for them their field of expertise and specialty.

Student Mentoring and Spiritual Development Policy