Hijaz College

Pioneering a Greater Future

Terms and Conditions

    1. All fees are payable in advance and due on the first day of terms or before as from time to time required.  Note that fees exclude monies for text books, GCSE, a level and all external examination fees.
    2. There will be the following penalty charges incurred (as directed by the Chief Executive): £20.00 per week for non-payment of fees;  £10.00 per week for delay in instalment payments;  Penalties of £5/day for unauthorized absences late return from holidays and after long weekends.
    3. No allowance can be made to late start and early leaving.  No reductions can be made for absence from Hijaz for whatever reason.
    4. If a student wishes to withdraw from Hijaz, one full terms notice must be given in writing.  Such notice must be received by the College on or before the last term to be attended by the student.  Receipt of this notice must be confirmed in writing by the Registrar or Chief Executive.  The full fees are payable for that term irrespective of the number of weeks stayed in that term.  Failure to provide adequate notice shall render the payer liable for the full years fees.
    5. If a student is suspended or expelled from Hijaz for whatever reason by disciplinary action or otherwise, the full terms fees are payable for that term.
    6. If the information provided on the application form is found to be inaccurate then Hijaz reserves the right to withdraw the student at any time in which case the full years fees become payable.
    7. Once a student has been accepted by Hijaz, the registration fee and 3 post-dated cheques for the annual fees must be paid in order to reserve a place.
    8. All overseas students are required to pay the full years fees in advance of the academic year.
    9. Students requiring a letter of acceptance for the purposes of Immigration and/or entry clearance for their status to study at Hijaz shall be required to pay a registration fee of £500 which shall be non-refundable in ANY circumstances.
    10. Any student who applied to the University of London for registration on the External Degree, is responsible for the payment of any fees for registration or exam entrance, in addition to the fees payable to Hijaz.
    11. Entitlement to the bursary for scholarship will be withdrawn if fees are not paid by the due date.
    12. Any bursary, scholarship or financial aid awarded for that term which has been confirmed in writing by Hijaz prior to the first day of term may be taken into account when paying the fees.  If the award has not been confirmed in writing before the first day of term, the full fees must be paid.  The amount of the award may then be refunded to the student once confirmed in writing.
    13. Hijaz reserves the right to alter the timetable and fees at short notice and also reserves the right to make alterations in programmes, courses and or qualifications advertised in the prospectus, website or any other means.
    14. Students are jointly and individually liable for any damage caused to the College premises or its contents.
    15. Students are liable for the loss of library books, journals, magazines and newspapers.  A breakage deposit of £100 will be required to be paid by every student upon registration.  This will be refunded only upon graduating if no damage has been caused by the student during his studies.  This will also be used to pay for stationary items & hospital travel.
    16. Hijaz does not accept any responsibility for the student’s belongings and all students are not allowed to bring any items of value with them into the college.  All students’ belongings are brought in at their own risk.
    17. For boarding students the terms and conditions in the Student Manual will also apply.
    18. Courses will only run if justified by demand which for most courses is the enrolment of at least 7 students.
    19. Students are not entitled automatically to graduate via passing examinations.  The character, behaviour, attitude, taqwa and attendances will all be taken into account.  The final decision regarding graduation is with the Chief Executive.
    20. Students who are found to be a disruptive influence within Hijaz or are not seen to be making a serious effort in their studies, may receive a formal warning from the relevant member of staff.  After such a warning the student may be suspended at which point a special meeting will be held by the appropriate staff to determine whether the student should be expelled or required to leave at his own expense.  The decision taken by this body is deemed to be final and fees may only be refunded for uncompleted terms.  An appeal of this decision may lie to the Principal or Chief Executive.  Serious breaches of Hijaz’s rules and regulations or serious breaches of Shari’ah could result in immediate suspension or expulsion.
    21. Overseas students are required to register names and addresses of persons who are acting as local guardians in the UK.  The guardian must take responsibility for the student during long weekends and holiday periods.
    22. Students are not allowed to stay on site during long weekends or holidays except with express permission from the Principal or Chief Executive in which case a charge will be applied for stay.
    23. These conditions come into effect upon payment of the registration fee and/or acceptance of an offer.
    24. An alteration to the above terms and conditions are rendered void unless confirmed in writing by the Principal or Chief Executive.