Hijaz College

Pioneering a Greater Future

Why study at Hijaz?

Nurturing our youth to become well-motivated, conscientious and sincere

At Hijaz, a strong emphasis is placed on Tarbiyya (character building) so students and volunteers may develop a robust work ethic as well as a healthy sense of personal wellbeing. A combination of education, and mentoring encourages those taking part to nurture and develop themselves personally, morally, spiritually and academically.

(Please note that we cannot take students with learning disabilities or special education needs and we cannot cater for students who require greater than average supervision. We only have a limited capacity of students who require boarding and we will take only those students keen to become scholars or who are doing post-graduate studies.)

Shaping the future intellectually, spiritually and professionally

Hijaz provides a structure in which young Muslim, men and women, can develop themselves without sacrificing essential and advanced knowledge of Islam. This system is a combination of a stimulating teaching as well as a number of community projects, so those volunteers taking part feel energized and enlightened as they are learning and taking part in the projects.